Online Classes

We have several programs that are actual LIVE classes and have been made available for those unable to commute to our physical Lakeland classroom. Since you will be participating in a live in-person class, this meets all requirements for your 4-hour class. 

LIFE SKILLS PROGRAMS: Our Cognitive Life Skills Program for Criminal Justice Agencies and their agents delivers the nation’s most effective cognitive restructuring courses to your offenders. Our programs use evidence-based curriculum together with pro-social mentoring, and has proven to be an effective resource addressing several top tier criminogenic needs, and lowering recidivism rates.

MARRIAGE/FAMILY PROGRAMS: Our Relationships Courses for divorced or separating couples is mostly used by civil and family courts to help couples resolve their differences, speed up the court process, and reduce potential damage to children. The curriculum is evidence-based cognitive restructuring models which have proven to help individuals overcome negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.

TRAFFIC OFFENDER PROGRAMS: Looking for a classroom course with an expert instructor? We can help. We are affiliated with one of the largest providers of classroom defensive driving and traffic school in the nation, DTA.