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LIFE SKILLS PROGRAMS: Our Cognitive Life Skills Program for Criminal Justice Agencies and their agents delivers the nation’s most effective cognitive restructuring courses to your offenders. Our programs use evidence-based curriculum together with pro-social mentoring, and has proven to be an effective resource addressing several top tier criminogenic needs, and lowering recidivism rates.

Courses include: Violencia Doméstica (BIP), Anger Management, Adicción a la pornografía, Abuso de Sustancias, Conciencia cognitiva, Robo / hurto en las tiendas, Cheque sin fondos, Delincuentes Correcciones, Responsabilidad de Delincuentes, Delincuentes Sexuales, Empleo LIFESKILLS

MARRIAGE/FAMILY PROGRAMS: Our Relationships Courses for divorced or separating couples is mostly used by civil and family courts to help couples resolve their differences, acelerar el proceso de la corte, y reducir el daño potencial a los niños. The curriculum is evidence-based cognitive restructuring models which have proven to help individuals overcome negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Programs for Adults include: Co-Parenting/Divorce course, Relaciones Contencioso, Parent Accountability, Pre-Marital Course for engaged couples, Supervised Visitation and Supervised Child Exchange.

Programs for Youth include: Evitar Anger, Abuso de Sustancias, Robo / hurto en las tiendas, Timidez, Delincuentes Sexuales, Youth/Parent Accountability, Minor in Possession.

TRAFFIC OFFENDER PROGRAMS: Looking for a classroom course with an expert instructor? We can help. We are affiliated with one of the largest providers of classroom defensive driving and traffic school in the nation, DTA.

Courses include: 4-horas BDI, 4-hour First-time Drivers course (TLSAE), 4-hour Youthful Traffic Offender, 8-hora conductor agresivo, 8-DWLS hora / R, 8-hora IDI, 12-hora ADI.

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